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Engage Local Communities with Local Journalism

Engage Local Communities with Local Journalism

Engage Local Communities with Local JournalismEngage Local Communities with Local JournalismEngage Local Communities with Local Journalism

8 out of 10 adults in Atlantic Canada read newspapers, in print or digital every week.


Newspapers Atlantic is a non-profit industry association whose core focus is to advocate for the relevance and usefulness of local journalism.

Engage Local Communities


Collectively, our members distribute 400,000 printed newspapers across more than 300 Atlantic Canadian communities. They receive over 650,000 weekly website visitors and connect with one million social media followers.

Local journalism strengthens our communities by reflecting the voices, concerns and stories of local people back to each other in ways that build connection.

The most important function of journalism is to convey information.

Local journalism produces many forms of public benefit that make our governments work better and our communities more sustainable.

If you want to engage local communities and reach an informed audience, align your message with a trusted and credible local journalism source and support local journalism.


Newspapers Atlantic works on behalf of the local journalism community in Atlantic Canada and is committed to the following core values:

• Knowledge sharing

• Acting with courage

• Leading the conversation 

• Openness to change

Local Journalism Impact


Stories Told:

Community journalism tells thousands of stories across Atlantic Canada every year by informing and educating residents about what’s happening in their local communities.

Local Economy:

Community journalism employs over 1000 Atlantic Canadians and pays millions in wages, benefits and taxes. It has a significant direct and indirect economic impact on local economies in communities across Atlantic Canada.

Local Culture:

Community journalism supports thousands of local festivals, events, causes and charities by raising awareness, donating funds and offering in-kind contributions.

Local Marketplace:

Community journalism helps Atlantic Canadians discover job opportunities, public meetings, or articles for sale. If there is a product or service Atlantic Canadians need, they trust their local community newspaper. 

Democracy Demands Journalism

A healthy democracy & informed citizenry needs strong local journalism. 

A well informed community looks after its interests.

Support Local Journalism


Atlantic Canadians were asked their reasons for reading their local newspapers. The top three answers: local news, local events, and the advertising.

Reader engagement with local journalism is unparalleled and advertising is far more likely to be viewed positively as a result.


Align your message with trusted, credible and accountable local journalism.

Reach Atlantic Canadians

Newspapers continue to be the go-to source for credible, trusted and independent news, in both print and digital formats. 


If you have any questions about local journalism and community media in Atlantic Canada, or are interested in becoming a member,  get in touch!